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From: wwsprague@ucdavis.edu
Date: Thu 20 May 2004 - 04:22:04 EST

Message-id: <c8g8kk$r24$1@sea.gmane.org>

Hi R-helpers,

Does anyone know of a good Tk (or other) script that allows somewhat
intuitive viewing of all of the variables (especially complex lists) in
a session? I would also like to delete, save to file, and rename them
graphically. I would also like a lot of supplemental information like
class, atrributes, names, modes, whatever else...

Context: I am running simulations (demographic) which generate big,
complex datastructures that I store as lists of lists of lists of...
(you understand). Some of the components are informational things (like
date of the run, the call, etc), while some are results of computation
(like eigenvalues of a transition matrix, or generated vectors for each
generation). I vary the parameters and do runs, graph certain pieces of
a bunch of runs (like the largest eigenvalue against a certain
parameter across all runs).

My inspiration (ahem) for this idea is ARCGIS, which, it's other
problems aside, is pretty good at helping one keep track of all the
various layers that go into a map.

If this would help anyone, it might be a good project for me to take
on--please send feature requests! I would probably try to extend some
of the tcltk examples, especially the tree thingy.

I *don't* need form based windows for doing analyses. I am quite
comfortable on the command line, I just lose track of all the variables
I generate.

Sorry for the extensive verbiage....


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