Re: Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN (Was Re: [R] Rmetrics)

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From: Janusz Kawczak (
Date: Thu 20 May 2004 - 16:08:25 EST

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And it seems that this vicious circle continues forever. Before
posting these kind of messages can you please read the INSTRUCTIONS. is a COMPILED version of the package, not
a source as you claim to be!

It works with no problems; well, at least under Linux.


"Richard A. O'Keefe" wrote:

> Prof Brian Ripley <> wrote:
> mkdir fBasics
> unzip -d fBasics
> rm fBasics/src/*.o
> R CMD check fBasics
> and that took me about 3 minutes.
> Now me, I just did
> unzip -a
> rm -rf fBasics
> in a naive and trusting manner. It took me considerably longer than 3
> minutes to learn that this was what I should do, and when I did learn,
> I wondered "if it's this simple, why can't R CMD INSTALL do it?"
> Now I discover that it isn't that simple. The installation apparently
> went smoothly. This is R, right? Never occurred to me that there might
> be problems.
> Now, B-G--R! It turns out that core stuff is supplied as .dll files,
> which of course my UltraSPARC can do nothing with.
> The author of the Rmetrics code has a perfect right to provide his code
> in any form he wants under any conditions he wants (subject to GPL &c).
> In particular, if he wants to provide a distribution which only works under
> Windows, that's perfectly OK.
> **BUT** when a distribution is peculiar to one operating system, that really
> should be highlighted in big bold letters: this is a WINDOWS BINARY
> version, so that people who can't use Windows .DLL files are spared a day
> of trying to figure out how to unpack and of doing an installation which
> reports no errors at all and of them finding that things do not work.
> There is *NOTHING* on
> that says "Windows only". Click on "I accept"and the page you arrive at has
> nothing in the text anywhere that says "Windows only" or "what to do if not
> Windows". (The http://.../R/bin/windows/contrib/1.9 address of the page
> was, in retrospect, a big clue, sigh.)
> It would of course be nice if the developers had done
> R CMD check fBasics
> But if you go into the Sources directory, which I suppose you must have,
> for each of {fBasics,fExtremes,fOptions,fSeries} there is an
> xxx-00check.log.txt, so they _did_ run R CMD check.
> and sorted out the errors, then
> R CMD build fBasics
> Those same check logs show errors (like failure to build .dvi files).
> Will it work if I download the Sources packages?
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