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From: Keith Campbell (keithc@rotellacapital.com)
Date: Tue 25 May 2004 - 07:15:16 EST

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To whom it may concern:
I am trying to better understand the functionality of 'R' when making
arima predictions to avoid any "Black Box" disadvantages.
I'm fitting a seasonal arima model using the following command (having
already loaded 'stat' package).
arimaSeason <-
I can then generate subsequent predictions using the 'predict' function.
However, I can't seem to duplicate these predictions in a separate
program using the model coefficients. From duplicating simpler models,
I understand the input variables are adjusted by the intercept term.
(e.g. for an arima(1,0,0) the prediction equation is y(t) = beta1 * (
y(t-1) - beta0 ) + beta0 ....where beta0 is the intercept)
Currently, I've expected the prediction to follow the equation below:
y(t) = beta0 + [beta1*( y(t-1) - beta0 )] + [beta2 * epsilon(t-1)]
+ [beta3 * (y(t-12) - beta0)] + [beta4 * epsilon(t-12)]
This has proved unsuccessful. What equation underlies this arima
prediction? Is there something different that happens
Many thanks for your help,
Keith Campbell
Keith Campbell
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