Re: [R] multi read.table function and read.table function not accepting col.names

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From: Wolski (
Date: Wed 26 May 2004 - 22:06:08 EST

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assuning that names is the vector with the names.
try col.names=names instead of "names"

Several ways
lapply(listwithpathstofiles,read.tabel,remaining, options) //u will get it stored in the list.
or use for loop and append to list. mylist<-list()
or look
to generate several hundred objects in the envrovment.

Sincerely Eryk

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On 5/26/2004 at 12:51 PM Laura Quinn wrote:

>I am using R-1.8.0 on Debian.
>I'm trying to read in a large table (1441*16) which currently has no
>header line. I have set up a list of column names which is 16 names long.
>when i try the following:
>I am returned with an error saying there are more columsh than column
>names. I am sure I have done this successfully in the past so can't
>understand the problem. I have done the read.table function without
>specifying col.names and it works fine and i end up with a 1441*16
>Also as I have several hundred of these tables to read into R, all having
>the same dimension and all having the same column names, is it possible to
>automate R so they will all be read in at once - each table represents a
>different days worth of data.
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