Re: [R] pca with missing values

From: Angel Lopez <>
Date: Thu 01 Jul 2004 - 04:37:01 EST

Thanks for the pointers.
I've read them with care but I don't seem capable of making it work. For example, if I do:

princomp(USArrests2, cor = TRUE, na.action = "na.omit")

I get the error message:
Error in cov.wt(z) : x must contain finite values only

I've tried changing the 'options' na.action and using other values than na.omit with no success.

The only way that I can make it work in some way was if I did:

princomp(USArrestsNA, cor = TRUE)

I've also obtained the same by giving the correlation matrix instead of the data frame:
Both solutions do the job by not using the row with the NA. After more reading I thought I would get the same result by doing: princomp(covmat=cor(USArrests2,use="complete.obs")) but the result is slightly different. I can not manage to understand the difference.
Can someone give me some more light to keep going? P.S:Using the solution above with na.omit would not be very good in my real world problem because it is relatively common to have an NA in a row. Maybe using
princomp(covmat=cor(USArrests2,use="pairwise.complete.obs")) would be a solution but I would like to understand the above before doing this next step.

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Angel Lopez wrote:
>>I need to perform a principal components analysis on a matrix with
>>missing values.
>>I've searched the R web site but didn't manage to find anything.
> ?princomp
> has a description of an na.action argument, and
>"missing values")
> comes up with several relevant entries.
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