[R] Re: How to make eps out of a trellis graphic?

From: Deepayan Sarkar <deepayan_at_stat.wisc.edu>
Date: Sat 03 Jul 2004 - 00:05:29 EST

On Friday 02 July 2004 09:00, Christian Hennig wrote:
> Hi list,
> I produced a trellis graphic with qqnorm (R-package lattice, no
> changes in graphical parameters were made).
> 1) The graphic uses some grey and some green colors and I would like
> to have it black and white as usual.
> 2) I would like to produce an eps-file of it. Usually I do this with
> something like
> postscript("Rout.eps", horizontal=FALSE, onefile=FALSE,
> paper="special", height=8, width=8)
> nr <- dev.cur()
> dev.set(dev.prev())
> dev.copy(which=nr)
> dev.off(nr)
> but this gives me an empty (plain white) eps-file this time.
> So how to make an eps-figure out of my trellis plot?

Do something like

postscript("Rout.eps", horizontal=FALSE, onefile=FALSE,

           paper="special", height=8, width=8) qqnorm(<whatever>)


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