Re: [R] how to use a script file for all the codes?

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Mon 05 Jul 2004 - 01:01:17 EST

You can do this:

f <- function(x)x
# you are now put into an editor and can change the function # when you save the file you will be taken back to R with the new version of f

Alternately, you can ease the use of the source style of operating by hitting up-arrow a few times in the R console to get your last source command so its just a matter of upwarrowing and pressing Enter.

One other thing to note is that there are a number of editors that support R syntax highlighting including ESS and gvim and that can ease development too.

Jiacheng Yuan <jiachengyuan <at>> writes:

: Hi there,
: I am using the windows version R1.9.0.
: I used to be a Splus user. When I used Splus to try some computation, I like
: to put all my codes in a script file and check them line by line. This way I
: can keep track of all my thinking and it's very easy to make correction at
: some earlier steps.
: Now I can not find this script-file style in R. The software itself doesn't
: seem to have a script file editor. I can only use other editor software
: (e.g., notepad) to write a ".R" file, and then "source" it in R. It's not
: convenient to debug in this way.
: Any one can help me?
: Thank you very much!
: Jia
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