Re: [R] Tk force refresh

From: Mark White <>
Date: Tue 06 Jul 2004 - 01:24:18 EST

Peter Dalgaard writes:
> Mark White <> writes:
> > Does anybody know how (or whether) I can force a window
> > redraw without waiting for the idle loop? Currently,
> > refreshes only seem to happen when we return to the R
> > toplevel read-eval-print loop.
> I think it's tkcmd("update") or tkcmd("update", "idletasks"). In
> general the advise seems to be to use the latter form if you can,
> since there there can be some nasty reentrancy issues with the former.
> (I forgot where I saw the description of exactly what can go wrong;
> possibly, it was on

Thank you: that solves the problem nicely. It turns out the second one only redraws things which have been changed; so it runs a little faster, too.

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