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From: Diethelm Wuertz <wuertz_at_itp.phys.ethz.ch>
Date: Tue 06 Jul 2004 - 17:50:52 EST

Maybe somebody can help me with the following questions:

I have submitted Rmetrics to the CRAN server and was looking what happened.

  1. The */contrib/checkSummary.html shows a table which reports the daily package check results. For my packages there is no entry in the column "r-devel", the other packages have "OK" or "WARN". What does it mean?
  2. The link to the Mac OSX check summaryseems to be broken? The requested URL /bin/macosx/r-devel/check/checkSummaryOSX.html was not found on this server. So I couldn't check why one of the packages (fSeries) is missing in the MacOSX binary package directory.
  3. For other packages, e.g. for "gbm", on the package download page there are
Package source: 	gbm_1.2.tar.gz <../gbm_1.2.tar.gz>
MacOS X binary: 	gbm_1.1-2.tgz 

Windows binary: gbm_1.2.zip
Index of contents: gbm.INDEX Reference manual: gbm.pdf <../../../doc/packages/gbm.pdf>

In my case there are only the "Package source" file and the "Reference manual" link. What I have to do
that also the other links appear on this page?

Many thanks in advance Diethelm

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