Re: [R] lost messages

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Thu 08 Jul 2004 - 19:24:30 EST

>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron J Mackey <>
>>>>> on Wed, 7 Jul 2004 16:31:25 -0400 writes:

    Aaron> The second two resends did go through (I checked on
    Aaron> the web archive), but the first did not;
    Aaron> additionally, the second two resends both came
    Aaron> through with the exact same timestamp, even though I
    Aaron> resent them over the space of 4 hours or so (and only
    Aaron> after I had sent the "lost messages" message, which
    Aaron> did come through to me just fine).  So there was
    Aaron> something "stuck", but seems to be unstuck now.

    Aaron> Thanks to all,

yes, and please all do learn from this:

Just because *you* may not have got your message back in time, don't jump to wrong conclusions. At least look into the mailing list archives first.
If you still see a problem, check with your local IT E-mail

support and then send mail to R-help-owner@... (or me directly)
rather than the whole list	    ^^^^^^

Please don't "spam" the 2500 R-help readers with such things in the future.

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