Re: [R] where does R search when source()?

From: Renaud Lancelot <>
Date: Sun 11 Jul 2004 - 17:13:52 EST

I do agree with you: in my opinion, creating a package is not a general solution when you just want to save the script of a whole data analysis for the purpose of, say, a paper or a report.

To meet this goal, I save the script in a text file and I use a text editor with sourcing facilities (e.g. WinEdt + R-WinEdt, Xemacs + ESS,...: see Software ==> Other section on CRAN).

See recent threads on this topic, e.g.



Shin, Daehyok wrote:
> Considering replies to my question, typical practices of R users seem:
> 1. Creating a special function to source frequently used scripts.
> 2. Creating a personal package containing frequently used scripts.

> Both of them needs additional steps to edit the function or to
> create/install the package
> when a script file is edited or added. My suggestion can save the effort.

> In the sense to make R more convenient environment to users, is it trivial?
> Daehyok Shin

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>>In fact, there is an elegant solution, and that is to write a
>>package.  If this is all for personal use, then writing a package
>>can be as simple as creating a few directories, copying the
>>script files, and then running R CMD INSTALL.  I do this all the
>>time when I have multiple projects that use the same code.

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