RE: [R] row naming

From: Kevin Bartz <>
Date: Fri 16 Jul 2004 - 05:05:40 EST

The rownames of a data.frame are there for reference; they are not considered a column in your data set and will not be included in any analyses. The short answer as to whether you should try to remove them is no. To read in the file, use read.table(file, header=F), as you probably already discovered.


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            If I have a four column data set (with thousands of rows), that doesn't have a header, how do I load in this text file, WITHOUT a row added for naming(i.e. numbering the rows, 1 2 3 4 5......). Also, if a row is added for naming, then will it be actually included in the data? That is, will that numbered row be included in analysis I run? (like PCA)     Thanks!  

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