Re: [R] Stumped on methods

From: Roger D. Peng <>
Date: Fri 16 Jul 2004 - 22:22:10 EST

If a method is hidden in a namespace, use getAnywhere(print.whatever) to see the code.


Jim Lemon wrote:
> I have been trying to write a "proper" print method for a package, and have
> almost gotten what I want. From a reading of the relevant section in R
> Extensions and the introduction to methods, I've stuck the whole business
> into a character object and used:
> NextMethod("print")
> However, instead of not printing quotes and displaying the usual
> representation of the string, I get the whole string, newlines and all, in
> quotes. My attempt to shamelessly copy someone else's print method
> was foiled as most of them don't display when one types the function name. I
> presume this is a feature of namespaces.
> Needless to say, searching the archives for "print & method" retrieved a
> cornucopia of useless information. I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to
> inform me where to look for the proper incantation? Thanks.
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