[R] specifying a function in nls

From: Bill Shipley <bill.shipley_at_usherbrooke.ca>
Date: Sat 17 Jul 2004 - 01:19:45 EST

Hello. I am trying to understand the syntax of the nonlinear least squares function (nls) when the function definition is made outside of the call. Here is the context.

  1. If I specify the following command, it works fine:

> fit2<-nls(

+ A~Am*(1-exp(-alpha*(I-LCP))),data=dat1,

+ start=list(Am=3.6,alpha=0.01,LCP=20))  

2. Now, I want to be able to specify the function definition outside of nls. I do the following:  

> Mitscherlich<-function(Am,alpha,I,LCP,...){



and then:  

> fit3<-nls(

+ A~Mitscherlich,data=dat1,

+ start=list(Am=2.7,alpha=0.006,LCP=45))  

and I get the error message: Error in lhs - rhs : non-numeric argument to binary operator  

What am I doing wrong?


Bill Shipley

Subject Matter Editor, Ecology

North American Editor, Annals of Botany

Département de biologie, Université de Sherbrooke,

Sherbrooke (Québec) J1K 2R1 CANADA


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