[R] highlighting subset of point with xyplot (or Hmisc(xYplot))

From: Patrick Lorch <plorch_at_email.unc.edu>
Date: Sat 17 Jul 2004 - 07:32:45 EST

Hello all,

        I am trying to use xyplot to give a six panel plot and to highlight only points (in any panel) that meet a certain criterion. With the plot command I would do something like:

I had thought I could just stick in the pch line from above into either xyplot or xYplot with groups set to Site like:

        xyplot(circ.conc~Day|Site,data=allsites.byday,groups=Site, pch=ifelse(allsites.byday$p.value<5e-02,19,21)) This does not produce any highlighting (all symbols come out as open circles (19)). I have not messed with writing my own panel functions, though I know that is where the solution must lie. Hopefully someone has an example that is close enough to help me. I can send an example plot to anyone that wants one.


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