[R] help with tkbind.tag

From: <solares_at_unsl.edu.ar>
Date: Sat 17 Jul 2004 - 08:00:35 EST

Hi, excuse me, i donīt understan how bind a tag in R, how to use the function tkbind.tag, i used them but appear an error library(tcltk)

tkinsert(editor,"1.0","first line \n")
tkinsert(editor,"2.0","Second line \n")
tkinsert(editor,"3.0","Third line \n")
tkinsert(editor,"end", "1. Texto que reacciona a eventos. d1")

tktag.configure(editor,"d1",foreground="red")  tktag.bind(editor,"d1",command=function(){}) tkbind(editor,"d1",<B1-Motion>, command=function(){print("hello"))})

i wish when move the mouse under the text appear a message "hello", how i have this?, i search help in the R mailing list but not exist. Thanks Ruben
>Error ......

thanks Ruben

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