Re: [R] exporting high quality graphics from R in Mac OSX

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Thu 22 Jul 2004 - 23:28:30 EST

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:03:23 +0100, Rob Knell <> wrote :

>Nope, sorry, I made a mistake - it's Office vX, native for OSX. I've
>had a look around and found quite a few complaints on the 'net about
>Word X claiming to be OSX native but rendering the image as a scruffy
>bitmap, so I guess this is a Word problem. I don't want to invest in
>the newest version of MS Office, which might do it properly... maybe
>I'll hang on for the Aqua version of Open Office, so I can expunge MS
>from my hard drive.

What file formats does Word support? Do you know what format is used in a cut and paste operation?

On Windows, cut and paste is usually done via Windows metafiles, and Windows versions of R can produce those. I don't think OSX versions can (but my information might be out of date, I'm not an OSX user).

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