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From: Cristian Pattaro <cristian_at_biometria.univr.it>
Date: Fri 23 Jul 2004 - 22:06:16 EST

Dear all,
I need to read an ASCII file with diffent length lines.

This is what is contained in the file gene.txt: 1st line ID description snp_id genotype 2nd line 10003 Low rs152240
3rd line 10003 Moderate rs189011 TC
4th line 10004 Conservative rs152240 GC
5th line 10004 Bad rs154354
6th line 10013 Bad rs152240
7th line 10019 Conservative rs152240 AC

This is what I would like to obtain in R:

ID        description         snp_id          genotype
10003    Low                 rs152240     NA
10003    Moderate         rs189011     TC
10004    Conservative    rs152240     GC
10004    Bad                  rs154354     NA
10013    Bad                  rs152240     NA
10019    Conservative    rs152240     AC

Read.table() doesn't work in these situations because of the irregular pattern of data. Have you got any suggestion? Thanks a lot!

Cristian Pattaro

Unit of Epidemiology & Medical Statistics Department of Medicine and Public Health University of Verona

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