Re: [R] Population simulation.

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 25 Jul 2004 - 02:39:51 EST

      Unless your problem is so trivial it could easily be done in Excel, R may well be the best platform available for such simulations, with its object orientation, class definitions, etc. However, as Thomas just said, we would need more information to be able to help further.

      Have you contacted a listserve with the Bioconductor project ( That uses R and is specifically devoted to bio-whatever. You might find help there that is more closely connected to your interests.

      hope this helps. spencer graves
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Thomas Petzoldt wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> can anyone tell me if R has any special function for simulating the
>> structure of human populations? Something like the genetic algorithm?
>> I need to simulate a sample of a population with a specific
>> structure. Is there something on R that can help me?
> Please be more specific, what you want: What type of model or which
> state variables do you want to simulate? Differential equations, age
> stucture (Leslie matrix model) discrete event simulations of
> stochastic subsamples (individuals) ...
> BTW genetic algorithms are commonly used to solve optimization
> problems and (at least in most cases) not for population models.
> Thomas P.
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