RE: [R] using Rterm under cygwin, no possiblity to delete characters

From: Dewez Thomas <>
Date: Thu 29 Jul 2004 - 22:28:55 EST

Dear Brian,  

> You have to call Rterm.exe *from a command shell*. `cygwin' is not a
> command shell, but a collection of tools that provides
> several such. So
> we can only guess at what you are using.
> Rterms runs satisfactorily in many shells (I use tcsh, others
> use Cygwin
> bash ...). This is all described in the README and rw-FAQ files,
> for example.

Your confusion is all due to my inaccurate explanation. In fact, Rterm runs fine when running inside cygwin's bash window. I was running R from a bash shell inside GRASS 5.7. I didn't think GRASS was altering the bash response. Perhaps this is something Roger has come across before when developping the interface.

> > When I call Rterm from cygwin, I have no options but typing
> the exact syntax
> > the first time. If I happen to hit the "delete" key
> (backspace), R dies when
> > I press enter saying :
> backspace and delete are separate keys, so which did you mean?

The error comes from hitting anything but a normal key ie arrow keys or backspace.

> > Error: ... (error concerning the function on the last line of text)
> > Execution halted
> >
> > Perhaps some of you have experienced this and found work
> arounds? One has to
> > be pretty good to type without ever committing mistakes!
> >
> > By the way, I am running Cygwin (cygwin_NT-5.0 release
> 1.5.10(0.116/4/2), I
> > reinstalled everything fresh last week) on Win 2k and R
> 1.9.1. Although some
> > of you find cygwin inefficient in many ways, I don't have
> the option to
> > migrate to Linux.
> The alternative is to use a Windows-native shell, such as tcsh.exe.

Thanks for your ideas

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