RE: [R] LaTeX in R

From: Roy, Supratik <>
Date: Sat 31 Jul 2004 - 02:12:08 EST

Sorry!, by "TeX" I meant the PicTeX option for graphics devices (which in anycase produces bulky files!).

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Roy, Supratik wrote:

> I tried to include LaTeX expressions in the header of a plot in R.
> (1) Using PlotMath, LaTeX type expressions, e.g., R^x is possible,
> dist<-"...." (some string)
> ....main=expression(R^x,dist)....
> does not substitute the value of dist, as well do the proper
> Also within an expression, substitute does not work, (apparently), so
> explicit substituting of "dist" does not take place. Pasting
> like
> ....main=paste(expression(R^x),dist)... does not work either.
> Is there any way out? Even if it is "trivial" please indicate any
source of
> help.

See the examples in ?plotmath and how to use substitute. Also, you might

want to look into the R Help Desk column in R News 2(3).

> (2) Problem in (1) is stated for a general graphics device and
PlotMath has
> limited
> capabilities. I am aware that the "TeX" option for the graphics device

What is the "TeX" option, please?

Uwe Ligges

> is a way out, but when converted to eps or ps, and included in a LaTeX
> and compiled to produce pdf/ps files,
> the headers are not converted into meaningful symbols. Has anyone
> anything on this?

> Many journals now have online submission procedures, which compile pdf
> on site
> after the LaTeX file , and the figures, mostly required to be eps, are
> uploaded. I expect
> others to have come across similar problems.
> Regards
> Supratik.
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