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Date: Sat 14 Aug 2004 - 05:45:52 EST

There are a number of resources but I believe the best for starters is _Introductory Statistics with R_, by Peter Dalgaard. It's inexpensive ($35) and very well written, easy to read and understand even if you don't know a lot of statistics. In fact the book's intention is to teach you stats by way of R, so you get a "Two-fer." If you can only have one book, get this one.

Now, if your level of statistical sophistication is a bit further along then the book is Venables and Ripley, _Modern Applied Statistics with S_. But if you are just starting out, and you want to learn R the easy way (learning by doing), then get Dalgaard. It's a great book.

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Hi !!
Is there a good tutorial for the R language ? I really find it hard to find methods in R.
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