[R] spatial autcorrelation in glmmPQL

From: Dan Bebber <danbebber_at_forestecology.co.uk>
Date: Wed 01 Sep 2004 - 05:09:31 EST

I am unable to specify error spatial autocorrelation structure in glmmPQL:

x and y coordinates for sample points at which presence/absence of seedlings and canopy openness were recorded in different forest stands.

Does seedling density increase with canopy openness?

Initial analysis using glmmPQL with binomial errors and stand as random effect
> result <- glmmPQL(seedlings ~ canopy, random = ~1|stand, family=binomial,

Semivariogram of residuals from this fit using geoR showed spatial autocorrelation with range 34.9 m and relative nugget of 75%. Therefore I tried to create a corStruct object:
> corel <- corSpher(value = c(34.9,0.75), form = ~x+y, nugget=TRUE)
> corel <- Initialize(corel, data = regen)

And specify the structure in a new glmmPQL
> result2 <- glmmPQL(seedlings ~ canopy, random = ~|stand, family =
binomial, correlation = corel, data=regen)

I get the error message:
iteration 1
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : Object "x" not found

(Running R 1.9.1 on Windows ME)

I appear to be implementing corSpher and Initialize incorrectly- any help greatly appreciated.

Dr. Daniel P. Bebber
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Oxford
South Parks Road
Tel. 01865 275060

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