Re: [R] problem with logistic regression

From: Joe Nocera <>
Date: Tue 08 Feb 2005 - 03:48:28 EST

CATMOD in SAS builds log-linear glms. If you are truly trying to create logistic regressions in SAS, use PROC LOGISTIC instead. If you really meant that you are trying to create log-linear models in R - then look up the usage of the function loglin (e.g. loglin())



> Hi,
> we try to do a logistic regression with the function glm.
> But we notice that this function don't give the same results as the SAS proc
> catmod (differents estimate given).

> We try to change the contrast on R system with:

> > options(contrasts=c(unordered="contr.SAS",ordered="contr.poly"))

> We also try with brlr and logistf functions.

> Unfortunately, the estimate aren't still the same.
> Please could someone help us.
> Thank you
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