[R] Data in an object = Existing Objects??

From: <achilleas.psomas_at_wsl.ch>
Date: Wed 02 Mar 2005 - 03:53:29 EST

Dear R-help...

I am rather new so I would appreciate your help.. My question if the following..

I have generated (with R) a data frame DF looking like this..

> print(DF)

       X1 X2

2   C_05_04 C_05_11
3   C_05_04 C_05_17
4   C_05_04 C_06_08
5   C_05_04 C_06_29
6   C_05_04 C_07_16

Where "C_05_04"....and all the rest data are objects-names already calculated and existing in my R workspace...
What i tried to do (and i doesnt work) is the following e.g

x1 <- DF[1,1]

(Where C_05_04 exists as an object in the workspace ) and then try to apply any kind of function using this x1 Is there a way to specify that x1 should be concidered as an object and not just as data ?

I hope i have explained clearly enough my question..

I would appreciate any help.


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