Re: [R] Users in Ukraine & cyrillic support

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Wed 02 Mar 2005 - 09:19:09 EST

Paul Johnson <> writes:

> Hello, everybody:
> My friends in Ukraine are starting a research lab at a national
> university and they asked what programs to use. I said "R" of course,
> and they then asked me 'what support does it have for Cyrillic'?
> i've done some snooping in the R website and all the references i find
> to foreign languages concern c and fortran, not Ukrainian or Russian.
> Since i'm an English-only user, I have no idea what is involved here, or
> what difficulties might be caused with non-English character sets and
> file systems.
> Not to mention the problem that the documentation/manuals are in English.
> If you have any advice that I can collect up for my friends, I would
> appreciate it.

Well, you're probably not going to find someone to translate the manual into Ukrainian outside Ukraine...

The good news is that, due to our indefatigueable mr. Ripley, R-2.1.0 will have support for UTF-8, including Cyrillic. It will also have some support for message catalogs and the potential to change the GUI language. Check out the NEWS file in R-devel (

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