Re: [R] orientation of eps files

From: Marc Schwartz <>
Date: Thu 03 Mar 2005 - 01:30:53 EST

On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 15:44 +0200, Andrew Collier wrote:
> hello,
> i have a problem with the orientation of eps files produced with the
> postscript() command. i have generated some eps files with R using:
> postscript(file = filename, horizontal = FALSE, paper = "special",
> onefile = F
> ALSE, height = height, width = width, pointsize = pointsize)
> now, when i include these eps files into a standard paper document
> (ie. a4 paper, portrait orientation) everything is fine.
> however, i am now wanting to incorporate the same images into a
> presentation. i am making a pdf file, which for presentation purposes
> is in landscape orientation. i am using latex with the prosper
> package. images are included with \includegraphics{} and a pdf file is
> generated with dvipdf. however, in this case, when i include the eps
> figures the whole page suddenly gets rotated around into portrait. eps
> files from other packages seem to work fine.
> there is an example of the problem at
> if you have any ideas as to what might be causing this problem, i
> would be extremely happy to hear them.

My recollection is that it is impacted upon by your setting of the height and width arguments.

I have used the seminar package for creating slides with embedded EPS files from R. Using the standard U.S. "letter" size paper, I have:

   postscript(..., width = 9.5, height = 7.5, ...)

This leaves 1 inch margins on the right and left sides of the page and half inch margins on the top and bottom.

I don't recall the specifics, but if I went much larger than the above settings, the landscape page would get rotated to portrait.

In the LaTeX code, I then have:

    \includegraphics[width=0.9\textwidth]{FileName.eps}   \end{center}

The above seems to work in the seminar package and I believe that prosper is built upon the former. Note the 'width' setting.

You will likely need to make comparable adjustments using the 'a4' page size in order to maintain a landscape orientation.

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