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>>Subject: [R] subset selection for logistic regression
>>R-packages leaps and subselect implement various methods of
>>selecting best or good subsets of predictor variables for
>>linear regression models, but they do not seem to be
>>applicable to logistic regression models.
>>Does anyone know of software for finding good subsets of
>>predictor variables for linear regression models?
>>p.s., The leaps package references "Subset Selection in
>>Regression" by Alan Miller. On page 2 of the 2nd edition of
>>that text it states the following:
>> "All of the models which will be considered in this
>>monograph will be linear; that is they
>> will be linear in the regression coefficients.Though most
>>of the ideas and problems carry
>> over to the fitting of nonlinear models and generalized
>>linear models (particularly the fitting
>> of logistic relationships), the complexity is greatly increased."
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> The LASSO method and the Least Angle Regression method are two such that
> have both been implemented (efficiently IMHO - only one least squares for
> all levels of shrinkage IIRC) in the lars package for R of Hastie and Efron.
> There is a paper by Madigan and Ridgeway that discusses the use of the Least
> Angle Regresson approach in the context of logistic regression - available
> for download from Madigan's space at Ruttgers: 
> Mike

Yes things like lasso can help a lot.
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