RE: [R] Rank-based p-value on large dataset

From: Huntsinger, Reid <>
Date: Fri 04 Mar 2005 - 09:38:50 EST

When you say the 130,000 points are from the empirical distribution, how did you get them? Is each one really one of the values of y? If you sorted y first, would you know which one (ie which index) each x is? (Sorting 80,000 elements took essentially no time at all on my sub-gigahertz Pentium III.) But maybe that's not an option... more details would help.

Reid Huntsinger

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Subject: [R] Rank-based p-value on large dataset

I have a fairly simple problem--I have about 80,000 values (call them y) that I am using as an empirical distribution and I want to find the p-value (never mind the multiple testing issues here, for the time being) of 130,000 points (call them x) from the empirical distribution.   I typically do that (for one-sided test) something like

loop over i in x
p.val[i] = sum(y>x[i])/length(y)

and repeat for all i. However, length(x) is large here as is length(y), so this process takes quite a long time. Any suggestions?

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