RE: [R] Rconsole wishlist

From: Duncan Mackay <>
Date: Fri 04 Mar 2005 - 15:00:20 EST

Sorry, yes, Rgui under WinXP (SP2). But while Windows date stamps the history file


          size isdir mode mtime ctime .Rhistory 5377 FALSE 666 2005-03-04 10:37:52 2005-03-04 10:37:52


.Rhistory 2005-03-04 13:54:11

the problem is that there can be multiple sessions stored in .Rhistory and the session dates aren't stored there. Moreover, it seems to me that the history buffer can also overflow without warning after long sessions or many repeated sessions and so that you can inadvertently lose parts of your command log. (Is this right, anyone?) Perhaps it would be preferable for R to save each session's command history in a separate history file, along the lines of

.Last <- function() {

savefilename <- paste("Rhistory",date())
savefilename <- gsub(" ","_",savefilename)
savefilename <- gsub(":",".",savefilename)
savefilename <- paste(savefilename,".txt",sep="")
if(interactive()) try(savehistory(savefilename)) cat("Current history saved in file: ",savefilename,"\n") }

but this doesn't address any overflow issues.


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I'm guessing you're talking about Rgui on Windows, but please don't leave us guessing.

If you run R under Ess/(X)Emacs, you have the entire session that can be saved in a (transcript) file.

Does your OS not put date stamps on file?


          size isdir mode mtime ctime .Rhistory 1025 FALSE 666 2005-03-03 19:27:31 2004-08-13 10:45:09


.Rhistory 2005-03-03 19:27:31


> From: Duncan Mackay
> Hi all,
> Wouldn't it be nice (??!!) if R automatically issued a
> warning message when
> the R console buffer was about to fill so that you could save all your
> output into a text file? (I know about sink(), but I think it
> would be good
> to have an easier mechanism to save a complete record of messages and
> function output). And on a similar vein, wouldn't it also be nice if R
> automatically entered a date stamp into the history file??
> Duncan
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