Re: [R] Emacs keystroke to toggle T/F for setting logical values

From: Adaikalavan Ramasamy <>
Date: Sun 06 Mar 2005 - 00:54:55 EST

Not answering your question here directly but here is an alternative. Interactive search and replace TRUE for FALSE with M-% after highlighting the region that you are interested in. And then repeat for changing FALSE to TRUE.

You can bind some function keys in your configuration file to simplify this a bit.

Regards, Adai

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 16:58 -0800, Waichler, Scott R wrote:
> I'd like to have an Emacs keystroke that would let me toggle between T
> and F when editing logical settings in R code. I looked in the ESS
> documentation and in my O'Reilly emacs books but found nothing. Any
> ideas?
> Scott Waichler
> Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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