[R] Problem with plotting size/location on variation of star/segment plot

From: Shelby Berkowitz <berkowi4_at_msu.edu>
Date: Sun 06 Mar 2005 - 03:42:02 EST

Dear R gurus,

I'm running into a problem with some modified segment plots I've coded using stars(). What I am trying to do is superimpose two series of data along with radial axes markers in a 2x2 graphics frame. This is working fine now, except for the hitch: my plots overfill the frame and are not centered within it (on my runs they always end up looking like they've been budged up and to the left). They're also a little warped-looking (more oval than perfectly round).

At this point, I'm completely stumped. Can someone please point me towards what I might be doing wrong here? Any and all advice will be most humbly appreciated!
BTW, I'm running R 2.00 on Windows XP, all packages updated.

Example version of my code is pasted below (the loop is for example purposes only):

##begin sample code
for (i in 1:4) {

## generate sample data for plot:

	a<- sample(c(20:70)*.01,18)
	testA <-

## open new plot space
## plot data series:
stars(testA[2,], locations=0:1,full = TRUE, scale = F, draw.segments=TRUE, add=TRUE,col.segments=heatshades[7]) stars(testA[1,], locations=0:1,full = TRUE, scale = F, draw.segments=TRUE, add=TRUE,col.segments=heatshades[3]) majgrid <- matrix(rep((c(1:10)*.1),ncol(testA)),nrow=10,byrow=F)
## generate and plot radar grid:
mingrid <- matrix(rep((c(1:10)*.1-.05),ncol(testA)),nrow=10,byrow=F) stars(majgrid, locations=0:1, scale=F, draw.segments = TRUE, add=T, lty=1, col.segments=0) stars(mingrid, locations=0:1, scale=F, draw.segments = TRUE,
add=T, lty=2, col.segments=0)}
##end sample code

Thank you,


Shelby L. Berkowitz
Ecological-Community Psychology
and Institute for Health Care Studies

Michigan State University

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