RE: [R] coefficient of partial determination...partial r square [ redux]

From: Liaw, Andy <>
Date: Tue 08 Mar 2005 - 14:42:50 EST

If I'm not mistaken, partial R-squared is the R^2 of the quantities plotted in a partial residual plot, so you can base the computation on that. Prof. Fox's `car' package on CRAN has a function for creating those plots, but you need to figure out the way to extract the quantities being plotted.

[In any case, the basic tools for doing such computations are all in R, and it shouldn't be hard at all to cook up such a thing, starting from the formula. Writing a function that works on any conceivable models that can be fitted with lm() would be a bit more challenging, but I doubt you need that.]


> From: Dr Carbon
> After the deafening silence from my last post (which likely caused
> shudders of disgust in statistics departments on the six continents)
> I'll reformulate:
> Is there a function that will return the coefficients of partial
> determination for the independent variables in a lm (or glm). For y =
> x1 + x2....xn can I use R to extract the partial rsq for x1 to n?
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