[R] Pattern recognition

From: S Peri <biocperi_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed 09 Mar 2005 - 03:57:05 EST

Dear group,  

A data matrix when plotted as a line plot, I see several
patterns. For example, how my students performed for different courses they took this academic year. I need to find out a pattern divided into three categories... say excellent, mediocral and worst. How can I be able to fix a threshold and seperate the patterns into these 3 categories. The question being asked is: I want to pick those students who are exceptionally good in a course and exceptionally bad in a course (here 2 bins) and third category being, for a given course i did not see any students who performed either good or bad (pretty much a straight line or all students behave the same way).

my question is Can I do this in R. If so, would you please suggest some good tutorials, considering the fact that i am not a statistician.

The arbitarary matrix is:
a,b,c,d - On X-axis
Stu. 1 - 5 : on Y-axis,

	Stu1   stu2    stu3   stu4     stu5
a	1	2	7	3	2
b	2	2	3	2	3
c	2	1	2	3	2
d	1	2	6	2	1


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