[R] Aid with 3-D scatterplots

From: Jim and Chana Milks <jrclmilks_at_joimail.com>
Date: Thu 10 Mar 2005 - 06:17:03 EST

I am attempting to classify pixels from a Landsat image by using their associated numbers in bands 2, 3, and 4 (It's from an assignment on classification). To aid me, I want to create a 3-D scatterplot using the "cloud" command. Due to my ignorance of the finer plotting functions, I am unable to display the scale on the three axes or to display the grid.

My dataframe (RS) contains four columns: Class, band2, band3, band4. Class is the classification variable (vegetation, water, soil, etc.)

The basic code I used was:
cloud(band4~band2*band3,RS,xlab="TM Band 2",ylab="TM Band 3",zlab="TM
Band 4",group=RS$Class).

Unfortunately, I'm unsure which arguments to use and how to write them in. I've tried adding arguments using "scale", but have not been successful, mostly because I'm unsure which arguments apply. The scale I want for all three axes is 0-100.

Thank you for any help.

Jim Milks

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