Re: [R] function in order to plot the same graph to postscript and pdf

From: Ronny Klein <>
Date: Thu 10 Mar 2005 - 19:32:55 EST

> I guess you would want eval(MYPLOT) there?
> But the function above works if you say
> plot.both(myplot = expression(plot(x)), filename = "foo")
> and that is what I said above: set myplot = expression(plot(x)).
> Z

My syntax in the example was a little bit messed, sorry for that.

However Gabor Grothendieck's reply has brought me to the solution. The following function does the job right:

print.both <- function(myplot, filename){

     pdf(file=paste(filename, ".pdf", sep=""))
     postscript(file=paste(filename, ".eps", sep=""))

The dev.control(displaylist="enable") is necessary here because only then R does record the plot and dev.copy can be used.

So, thank you all for your help.

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