Re: [R] any book and tutorial about how to manipulate data with R/S+

From: Thomas Schönhoff <>
Date: Sun 13 Mar 2005 - 01:34:06 EST


Am Samstag, 12. März 2005 15:08 schrieb Wensui Liu:
> In real world, data manipulation might take even longer time and
> more effort than statistical analysis and modeling.
> Does anyone know a good book and tutorial about data manupulation?
> Thank you so much.

Well, it would be much easier to meet your demands if you could give us an idea what you exactly looking for. Anyway, there are some recommendations in R-Manual regarding introduxtory materials on doing statistics in R. If I remember correctly there are also some advices on in the generell FAQ.
If you're looking for some introductory stuff doing data manipulation in R the book of Peter Dalgaard, Introductory Statistics with R should be taken into consideration.
Not long time ago there was a similar question to this list, giving the whole range of available books on statistics in S/R . Have a look at, you'll will be overwhelmed.
Last but not least, if you look at r-cran website you'll find in contributed section some case-oriented tutorials, i.e. data mining or similar stuff!


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