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From: Mulholland, Tom <>
Date: Fri 11 Mar 2005 - 18:42:31 EST

If it's specifically R that I am looking for I use the following link

If I were going to use google I would go to the advanced page and insert into the "Domain" field so as to restrict the search. As you have found out the letter R is ubiquitous. There are other search engines listed on the CRAN website that you can also use

However rpy is much less frequent. In fact google comes up with it straight away. From that I discovered that RPy has a mailing list Maybe you should try searching their archives

I hope that helps


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> Subject: [R] howto: plot location, web search
> Hi,
> new to the list, R and rpy. my first post.
> using rpy, i find this
> r.X11(height=3, width=6)
> allows me to preset the size of a subsequent
> r.plot(x, y)
> but i've been unable to find documention on related aspects, such as
> programatic control of the plot window location on the monitor, or
> programatic resizing of a plot once it is generated. Are these
> possible?
> In general I've found it diffcult to use google to search for answers
> because "R" is not a very effective keyword. Are there tricks to
> googling for R info? And If a start a web accessible html page for R,
> what keywords can I include that would make it easier for search
> engines to index so that other R-folk could find it?
> Thanks in advance,
> mike
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