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From: Charles Dugas <dugas_at_dms.umontreal.ca>
Date: Sat 12 Mar 2005 - 14:49:43 EST

Dear R-users,

using the interactive mode, the command
> summary(my.survreg.object)
will output details of the object my.survreg.object in a very neat fashion.

I would like to have that sent to a file, in ascii format, as it appears within the interactive mode.
Is that possible ?

This seems like a very simple task, but i haven't found the solution: - print doesn't care about a file option - save(my.surreg.object,file="tmp",ascii=T) almost does it but puts every word on its own line,
so "tmp" contains a very long column of words. - dump will output the structure of the object so it can be loaded back. - write is suited for matrices of data, not arbitrary objects. Something else i should look at ?


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