[R] xlab cex bug in Lattice/grid and multipage-output (Windows only?)

From: Dieter Menne <dieter.menne_at_menne-biomed.de>
Date: Fri 11 Mar 2005 - 18:35:04 EST

The following problem seems to be Windows-specific. Deepayan informed me that it cannot be reproduced on "platform i386-pc-linux-gnu".

trellis.device("png", file="sepal%02d.png",color=T, theme="col.whitebg") p=xyplot(Sepal.Length + Sepal.Width ~ Petal.Length + Petal.Width | Species,
       data = iris, scales = "free", layout = c(1, 1)


Compare the x-label on the first and on all following pages: font size is different.
Same for bmp. Does not occur on multipage-devices such as ps. By comparing with the png files from Deepayan/Linux, I believe that only the first xlab has the correct small size, and all others are not correct.

My version: (all libraries updated today) platform i386-pc-mingw32

arch     i386
os       mingw32

system i386, mingw32
major 2
minor 0.1
year 2004
month 11
day 15
language R

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