[R] name of object from character vector

From: Gasper Cankar <gasper.cankar_at_ric.si>
Date: Fri 11 Mar 2005 - 20:00:16 EST

Hello everyone!

A simple question (I'm not sure about the answer):

How can I give a name to my data.frame from a character vector of names? For example, each data.frame is a table of results for a subject and I have a vector of subject names like

b <- c("math", "geography", "history")

How do I create a data.frame named "math" by calling b[1]?

I'm importing data via RODBC in one big loop for all subjects and I want them separated so I'll be able to load them one at a time later on.

Thanks for your help,


Gasper Cankar
National Examinations Centre
+386 1 54 84 682

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