[R] postscript rotation (bug?)

From: Wouter Buytaert <wouter_at_paramo.be>
Date: Tue 15 Mar 2005 - 02:16:32 EST


when making postscript images with postscript() and converting them to pdf with epstopdf, some images are rotated 90 degrees clockwise. The postscript displays fine (ggv).

It seems to be related with length(xlab)/length(ylab), e.g:

>postscript("wrong.ps", width=5, height=5, horizontal=F, onefile=F,
paper = "special")
>plot(1, 1, xlab="short", ylab="abitlonger")

If then converted to pdf with epstopf, then wrong.pdf is rotated


>postscript("OK.ps", width=5, height=5, horizontal=F, onefile=F, paper =
>plot(1, 1, xlab="equal", ylab="equal")

en then converted to OK.pdf displays OK.

Setting horizontal=T does not change anything for the final pdf file. (The .ps is rotated -90 degrees however).

Is anyone able to reproduce this problem? I am using fedora core 3.



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