Re: [R] Install the RMySQL

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Tue 15 Mar 2005 - 18:16:07 EST

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Ko,Younhee wrote:

> Hi, I have some problem to install RMySQL package.
> Could you help me?

Please tell us your OS, R version, etc.

> I set up the path.

You set a couple of variables, but no path. (These at most supplement the include and library paths.)

> [root@ep2 library]# export PKG_CPPFLAGS="-I/var/lib/mysql"
> [root@ep2 library]# export PKG_LIBS="-L/var/lib/mysql -
> lmysqlclient"

Looks like your MySQL files are not where you claim they: I would not expect them to be there (headers are not normally in a 'lib' directory), but where they are depends on whether this is an installation from the sources (not likely if it uses /var/lib), RPM etc. E.g. FC3 has

checking for mysql_init in -lmysqlclient... yes

              mysqlclient found in -L/usr/lib/mysql checking for /usr/local/include/mysql/mysql.h... no checking for /usr/include/mysql/mysql.h... yes

Note to David James as maintainer: should not finding these be an error, or at least give a very loud warning from configure?

> [root@ep2 library]# R CMD INSTALL /home/younko/RMySQL_0.5-
> 5.tar.gz
> I got this bunch of error message.
> Please help me.
> * Installing *source* package 'RMySQL' ...
> creating cache ./config.cache
> checking how to run the C preprocessor... cc -E
> checking for compress in -lz... yes
> checking for getopt_long in -lc... yes
> checking for mysql_init in -lmysqlclient... no
> checking for mysql.h... no
> updating cache ./config.cache
> creating ./config.status
> creating src/Makevars
> ** libs
> gcc -I/usr/local/lib/R/include -I/var/lib/mysql -

> I/usr/local/include -fPIC -g -O2 -c RS-DBI.c -o RS-DBI.o
> gcc -I/usr/local/lib/R/include -I/var/lib/mysql -
> I/usr/local/include -fPIC -g -O2 -c RS-MySQL.c -o RS-
> MySQL.o
> In file included from RS-MySQL.c:22:
> RS-MySQL.h:40:19: mysql.h: No such file or directory
> RS-MySQL.h:41:27: mysql_version.h: No such file or directory
> RS-MySQL.h:42:23: mysql_com.h: No such file or directory

That's sufficient info.

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