[R] help w/ xyplot and panel.lmline

From: <eesteves_at_ualg.pt>
Date: Wed 16 Mar 2005 - 04:18:50 EST

Dear All,
I'm confortable with xyplot(...) and panel.lmline(...) statements (at least I thought I did :). I've used the following code to plot the decline in log-abundance of fish larvae (no.larvae) with age (age.cls, 4 to 27 days-old) for specific dates of sampling (day, 9 dates). I further plotted data with different colors and regression lines for ages 5-14 d and 17-23 d in a 7-by-1 layout.

 xyplot(log(no.larvae)~age.cls|factor(day),data=mortal,   layout=c(7,1),aspect=5/3,
  xlab="Age class (d)",ylab="Ln(Abundance)",ylim=c(-2.5,6.5),xlim=c(0,30),   panel = function(x, y) {

  panel.xyplot(x, y, col=1)


Is it possible to change the plotted characters and regression lines for two of the panels (corresponding to dates 101 and 172). For these dates I intend to use data only for ages 9-14 d instead of 5-14 d as for the remaining.

Thanks in advance,
Eduardo Esteves

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