[R] Re: Installing R on Mandrake 10.1

From: Christian <christianmacaro_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed 16 Mar 2005 - 04:42:53 EST

Dear all.

First of all, thanks to Jon, Martin, Bogdan and Roland since they tried to help me.

In order I tried to
1) install the libf2c0-3.4.1-4mdk.i586.rpm. 2) install R 2.0.1 from the source.

  1. Didn't work, since the "info" is still not satisfied
  2. I wasn't able to configure it. I mean:
  3. as root I uzipped the archive in the home/krisse directory
  4. ./configure in the home/krisse/R-2.0.1 directory the resulting message was that neither a fortran compiler nor f2c was found.

Then I looked for a fortran compiler........ What I have understood is that a fortran compiler is already included in the gcc3.4.1-4mdk (already installed).
Is that correct?
In the /usr/bin directory there are g++ an similar things but none of the g77, f77, xlf, frt, pgf77, fl32, af77, fort77, f90, xlf90, pgf90, epcf90, f95, fort, xlf95, lf95, g95, and fc.

Then I tried to install the f2c package. I don't get the error "neither a fortran compiler nor f2c was found" but the configuring command wasn't able to build the make file.......

Now, I know I am really bad at linux and I don't actually know the meaning of most of the things i have written above, but it would be really nice if somebody could help me.

Thanks again.


Martin Maechler wrote:

>>>>>>"Christian" == Christian <christianmacaro@gmail.com>
>>>>>> on Mon, 14 Mar 2005 19:21:05 +0100 writes:
> Christian> Dear all, I am trying to install the
> Christian> R-2.0.0-1mdk.i586.rpm
> Christian> <http://cran.planetmirror.com/bin/linux/mandrake/10.0/R-2.0.0-1mdk.i586.rpm>
> Christian> file on mandrake 10.1.
>Hi Christian,
>I'm not really answering your question,
>but really you shouldn't install R 2.0.0 once R 2.0.1 has been
>released for such a long time and already R 2.1.0 is going into
>"alpha" stage next Monday.
>Why don't you try to install from source?
>I've been advocating this as a test of ``having a decently
>complete Linux/Unix system'', i.e.,
>in order to build R from the sources (without too many warnings
>about missing features) you will have to get quite a few useful
>things (gcc, g77, perl, latex, texinfo, ..) that you want `anyway'.
>One of the five R manuals is called
>"R Administration / Installation" -- this should help you to
>become successful. Once you've installed R 2.0.1 from the
>sources, you will be ready to try "R 2.1.0 alpha" -- which will
>be a service to the R user community, if you help testing out
>R 2.0.1 *before* its release.
>BTW, you seem to be from Roma, Italy. You might be delighted to
>see that R 2.1.0 will speak Italian in some ways.
>Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich

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