[R] use of covariates with nlmeODE

From: Jesus Frias <Jesus.Frias_at_dit.ie>
Date: Wed 16 Mar 2005 - 22:02:35 EST

Dear R-helpers,

        I have some problem with a model I am trying to run with nlmeODE. I have a covariate that I want to include in the model and I can't find in the documentation how to include it in the model so that it can calculate it.


PME ~ time | Ident

abcnoniso <- list(DiffEq=list(

                    debdt = ~ -ksol*pH*eb ,
                    desdt = ~ ksolref*pH*eb-kdegref*pH*es,
                    dpHdt= ~ -k*(pH-pHinf)
                    c1 = ~ 0,
                    c2 = ~ es,
                    c3 = ~ 0),
abcnonisomodc <- nlmeODE(abcnoniso,trial)

The variable pHinf is a covariate that changes from experiment to experiment. The model does not take very well pHinf.



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