RE: [R] Mandrake 10.1

From: bogdan romocea <>
Date: Thu 17 Mar 2005 - 00:41:33 EST

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> > I would suggest that you consider another GNU/Linux distribution,

> I don't think it is necessary. Mandrake 10.1 is fine for
> running R.[1] I have Mandrake 10.1 (Community) at home
> running on my notebook and I was able to compile R without
> any problems - just using the software that was shipped with
> this distribution.

It is certainly not necessary; even Windows is fine for running R. However, assuming R is not the only package to be installed and then upgraded, switching from something like Mandrake to something like Mepis may result in significant time savings, which is what I care about most. (Your mileage may vary.) I used Mdk for a couple of years and prefer to not remember how many hours I wasted on something as trivial as installing and upgrading packages. (Compilation will not save you always from having to manually upgrade other libraries, especially as your Mdk installation gets older.) mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Thu Mar 17 00:49:05 2005

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