NAs in "cor"? (was: Re: [R] (no subject))

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Thu 17 Mar 2005 - 09:04:51 EST

      "?cor" revealed that the "cor" function has an argument "use" with a default of "all.obs" and options of "complete.obs"' or '"pairwise.complete.obs". Either of these other two should get you past this error message.

      hope this helps.
      spencer graves

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Brett Stansfield wrote:

>Dear R
>I'm trying to do a correlation matrix for some variables I have.
>Unfortunately there are some NA entries for some of the variables
>I tried the following
>cor(sleep[c("logbw", "logbrw", "SlowSleep", "ParaSleep", "loglife",
>but it told me
>Error in cor(sleep[c("logbw", "logbrw", "SlowSleep", "ParaSleep", "loglife",
> missing observations in cov/cor
>How can I get R to conduct a correlation matrix for this data set??
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