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I assume "opened a data set" means that you have attached a data frame. If you add new variables to the data frame (e.g. by transforming a variable in that data.frame), you will have to detach() and re- attach() it in order to get access to the variables without using the $ operator. I think this is in the manual somewhere.



>Dear R
>I recently created some variables in R as in I opened a data set and then
>produced log base 10 transformations on some of the variables. When I ask R
>to do a simple x, y plot it recognises the raw data but does not recognise
>the log transformed variables. It says
>> plot(logbrw, ParaSleep, type="n")
>Error in plot(logbrw, ParaSleep, type = "n") :
> Object "logbrw" not found
>> text(logbrw, ParaSleep, labels=row.names(sleep), cex=0.8, col="blue")
>Error in text(logbrw, ParaSleep, labels = row.names(sleep), cex = 0.8, :
> Object "logbrw" not found
>So do I have to somehow change the data for R to recognise the newly created
>What should I do?
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