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From: Moor MHM.de <MHM.de.Moor_at_psy.vu.nl>
Date: Fri 18 Mar 2005 - 21:40:47 EST

Dear all,  

I would like to plot multiple graphs in the same window. For this I used:  

par(mfcol=c(5,2) )  

and then I use plot(x,y) to fill the cells of the window with the graphs.  

This results in multiple graphs with a lot of space around each graph.

But I would like the 5 graphs in each column to be 'connected' (i.e., no space around them) and to specify values and label on the x-axis only for the lowest graph in each column.  

Does anyone know how I can do this? I considered xyplot(y~x|z) from the lattice package, but I have different variables on the y-axis in each graph, so this does not seem to work?  

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Marleen de Moor  

Dept. of Biological Psychology

Free University Amsterdam


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